This site was created to provide others with access to a number of private tools that I’ve written over the past few years for exploring and manipulating DNA raw files. All tools are available for free.

Right now this site is a work-in-progress: it's taken a lot more work than I'd thought to code a functional account management system from scratch. When the site is functional, I'll begin porting my tools to the website. My plans are to continue to develop new raw file processing toys as I get suggestions from users. Up first will be file format conversion, phasing into a single kit, and the generation of offspring (making babies) from two kits. All kits generated will be available for download.


This site forces a secure socket layer (SSL) connection, certified by Comodo. You are insured for up to $10,000 when relying on the information provided by IdAuthority on this site. You can click the green COMODO SECURE logo at the bottom of the page for more information.

Your passwords are stored in a high-cost one-way encrypted hash format (eksblowfish bcrypt). You may notice a delay when you login; that’s because it takes quite a bit of processing to check your password. It would take a thief a very long time to “crack” your password if he somehow managed to obtain the encrypted hash.

The rest of the data is stored unencrypted. There are multiple reasons for this. The main reason is that DNA files are large and in order to access them and repeatedly process them in an encrypted format would require an inordinate amount of CPU processing. Users would also have to enter a password every time they accessed their data. Ultimately, this is not how the website was intended to function, nor is it how any other similar websites function. However, kits will have the option of being marked private or password protected, and every effort will be made to secure this data. It is up to the user to determine if this is acceptable to them.


Cookies are used for security: they keep you logged in. Unless you like entering your password on every single page, every time it loads, cookies are a good thing. The only cookie your browser will be given is a random authorization key. All other data is stored on the server.


Your data is your data. It will not be shared unless you share it through the website.

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